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Ambiance without the Danger

Published on July 13, 2017 by Sweet Marie

Ambiance without the Danger

Cottage rentals are most enjoyed when there is a cozy campfire and woodstove, especially in the fall and winter months. The leaves turn, the air chills, the winds may pick up and rain eventually turns to snow. The idea of spending ones holidays, weekends or even Christmas in a cottage rental is that much more appealing when you have the warm glow of the fire to look forward to during your stay. Often proprietors will neglect or forget their important duties with wet certificates and sweeps of their chimney. They will forgo emptying their fire pit and take the chance that everything will be fine.

For those of you who have experienced first-hand the dangers of fires that get out of control, you know how dangerous they can be. Moreover, the damage that could occur is so significant that the liability associated with fireplaces, fire pits, wood-stoves is enough to make you pause and reconsider.

What is a WETT certificate? (Wood Energy Technology Transfer)

Recently the government introduced this certificate process to ensure that homes with woodstoves and fireplaces passed an inspection process that made them safe and properly installed with all of the required fire hazard codes taken into consideration. Some would consider the process “overkill” or unnecessary. When you rent out your cottage or your chalet to people you do not know or may not be as careful, there is a risk. Insurance companies will no longer insure your dwelling or property if your chimney, wood-stove or fireplace are not looked after. Additionally, there are energy cost saving benefits to having a properly installed stack for your chimney. Heat flow and distribution is improved and the true technology behind wood heat is the advantage. For more information:

So why clean out the fire pit?

Well for starters, like anything that burns, build up is created over time. The higher the pile the higher the fire. Big bon fires may be fun when you’re young and somewhat foolish. However, in the fall when the leaves fall they are like an electrical current for a fire, and with or without rain, can prove to be quite dangerous if they are not looked after. It’s always best to keep your fire pit area clean and void of twigs, leaves, and brush. And depending upon how often you use the pit, you should keep it cleaned out atleast once per season. Once the contents have completely cooled, add more water and put into your garden beds. The soil benefits and so does your fire pit.

Stay safe, smart and your cottage rental and community will be happy.

By SweetMarie

Image Source: caitlynjdavey via Instagram

Category: Cottage Safety

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