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Arrivals and what to do next.(Cottage Safety Series)

Published on April 7, 2012 by Sweet Marie

Arrivals and what to do next

Here upon arrival we will help walk you through some simple steps to ensure you and your family enjoy yourselves during your and still have “safety proofed” your cottage rental space.
The date for the cottage rental has finally arrived. The car was packed, traffic has been fought and we have made it to our destination. The trip to the cottage is usually a stressful one, filled with terrible drivers and the kids repeatedly asking “are we there yet”? This is not the time to put our guards down and forget about keeping ourselves and our families safe. We do not want our fun family time to turn bad because of an accident that could have been avoided. There are some steps that we can take to ensure that our vacation will be relaxing and free from avoidable accidents.

When we pack our vehicles we should always remember to pack a flash light so that it is accessible when we first arrive. Most of the time it will be dark when we arrive and a flash light will help avoid any falls because we are unfamiliar with the terrain. We should make our first trip into the cottage without carrying anything. Discover the terrain, watch for slopes or trip hazards and enter the cottage. Once inside, turn on lights and walk through the cottage and inspect for safety issues. Parents with small children should be aware that cottages are not baby proof. Check the lights in the cottage for an exterior light that will help with your sight while unpack the car. Remember to bend with the knees when unpacking and lowering your packages to the floor.

Now that the car is unpacked, kids are put to bed for the night, it’s time to relax ourselves and get some sleep. Sleep is needed so that we can focus properly on our daily responsibilities. Once we wake up in the morning and it is daylight outside, it is time to do an inspection of the property. We are looking for any possible hazards that could cause our family harm, especially at night when our vision is reduced. Inspect for branches that overhang walk ways, rocks that could cause ankle injuries, broken glass, poison ivy, shorelines and damaged docks. A simple walk through of the property, both inside and out, could save injuries and valuable time on our vacation.

Fire pits require some attention as well. First things first though, we need to make sure that a local fire ban is not in affect prior to starting any fires. Inspect that there are no branches low enough to possibly catch a flame. Make sure that pine needles and birch bark that is lying close to the fire pit is added to the fire pit prior to lighting. Whether there is a fire extinguisher close by, a hose or a bucket filled with water, there should always be a way to extinguish the fire should it get out of hand.

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