Wasaga Beach Cottage Rentals: what’s the big deal?

Wasaga Beach Cottage Rentals:  what’s the big deal?

Joggling in the surf  under the endless canopy of shining blue sky takes you to a different world of soul touching loveliness of the nature; if you want to exract every drop of beauty, Wasags Beach is the place. This famous tourist location close to Toronto is the largest fresh water beach in the world situated in soutnern part of Georgian Bay. Wasaga offers miles of white sand beach reminding of nothing, but wading miles in toe deep water along the shore on fine pristine white sands. You will enjoy  opportunities of  discovering the beauty of Collingwood Blue Mountain on the backdrop. It wears different shades of attraction round the year, but it is the most welcoming summer destination. You would keep kissing its beauty nonstop in every moment. Surely you can feel it close to the heart if you stay in beach cottages along the shoreline.  
For family vacation, you will find nothing better than  cottage rentals  in Wasaga. The charm of staying in cottages has even started attracting single travellers. It tends to provide a calmness and seclusion when a daily chorus of heavy  nightlife deters. Moreover, often your deep bonding with beauty of Wasaga beach makes you feel a pang to return to the confines of hotel room to spend the time after drawing back from day activities. Man made nightlife you see everywhere, but the echos of night in the beachfront cottage is a different nightlife you enjoy with unexplainable magnetism.    
Cottages make feel everything your own while staying with the family  and of course, getting more value out of each dollar spent. You work out the price, cottages are cheaper than staying in hotels where you won’t enjoy the charm of staying together like you do in your home.  In cottages, you will find more roomy setting and more space outdoor for whole family. These accommodations have every facility for you from fully furnished bed rooms, living room, equipped kitchen to washihng machines, dryer, air conditioner, hot tub, internet, television, fireplace, swimming pool and garden, and even more. So, you do not miss your daily  lifestyle in any way.  The rate of cottages depends on how many of these additional gratifying amenities such as  Jacuzzi tub, swimming pool, golf course, tennis, ski lifts and concierge services are available. More importantly, the rent depends on the location of cottage, whether right on the beachfront or a short walk from the beach. Yet another factor of price is how close are the main attractions and engaging activites located from the cottage. So, you can make out the whole setting of cottages is a too much of personally usable attraction for entire family, specially childen. 
Actually, there is no comparison between staying in cottages and hotels when you are holidaying. In hotels, you can’t have even a quarter of privacy than you enjoy in the cottages. In hotels, you have nothing more than a room and  attached bathroom for your personal use. Same way, you are always within noisy surroundings in a hotel unless you  get inside your room.  Furthermore, in hotles  you  have provision of very limited activities to change over from monotonous watching of television shows.   
In comparison, cottages have everythhing for your comfort and spending enjoyable time – despite the delight of  Wasaga beach, you have plenty of facilities for engrossing engagements indoor as well as outdoor; you have plenty of convenience to throw a big party without problem of space, surely for much a cheap price than doing it in a hotel.  Be assured, you will be able to offer a plenty to do for your invited guests and feel mentally satisfied offering them a nice relaxing  time. 
The luxury of interior furnishing is another chaprer of staying in cottages. Coming to your gastronomic pleasures first, everybody in the family will be delighted to find the nice kitchen  fully equipped with whole set of cookwarwe and dinnerware; some even offer basic supplies for your use. Equally you won’ t have the chance of complaining about interior finishing and furnishing. The wardrobe sufficiently stocked up with clean bed linen, comfortable and cozily laid out bed supported with decent interior finishing and decoration. You can expect just the setting as you have done to make your  room a tastefully habitable place. 
The ambience of Wasaga beach cottage rentals matches intimately with romantic charms of Collingwood Blue Mountain. It is quite easy to just get lost between scenic beauty of beach and the mountain fully experiencing the nature in cascading down forms; in mountain, on the land and in water. Therefore, cottages of Wasaga beach ideally suite even couples on honeymoon. This is the perfect ambience to feel the warmth, undserstaning each other and start happy days ahead filling themselves with the message of love Wasaga offers.
Now-a-days the demand is high as such gettting cottage is difficult unless you make reservation well in advance. 


Author: Alex Berestyuk
Source: CottageMe.com
January 30, 2012

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