Ontario Cottage Rentals Series: Port Severn and Honey Harbour, a lovely little spot!

Ontario Cottage Rentals Series:  Port Severn and Honey Harbour, a lovely little spot!

No Northern Ontario cottage rentals location would be complete without considering Honey Harbour. This South Eastern Georgian Bay gateway to the 30 000 Islands is a lovely little spot and busy summer harbour. I say that but the winter months have a different cottage rentals demographic within the snow mobile community, though not as active as the summer cottage renters, which gravitate more for the Port Severn boating, fishing, and water pleasures. The snow loving community, though staunchly loyal to the white trails, have a tendency to gravitate more to the B&B, as storage must remain light on your average sized skidoo. However, don’t be discouraged by the vast amount of competition you and your family may face in trying to source and secure a booking in this lovely little harbour town. Like any busy spot, start early, keep your criteria simple, and have a market value budget for such a glorious part of the Muskoka region.

One of the local pastimes is jetting out by water taxi to Beausoleil Island. And just as the name implies, you are sure to find a ton of fun in the sun on the beach shores of this Georgian Bay Islands National Park; enjoying the trails, the rugged rock faces, and more than 5000 years of cultural history. There are many trails for the avid nature lover to explore and photograph. Don’t forget your sun block!

Weekend cottage visits are a very popular pastime in the Port Severn Honey Harbour area. Most families do opt for the resort style environment and spend much of the time exploring the area’s nature attractions. Still, I highly recommend that if you are going to spend more than a night in this picturesque part of northern Ontario, about 90 minutes north of the GTA, you are going to want to consider a private cottage rentals for at least a 4-5 day period. Just when you start to unwind and relax from all the stresses of City life, you will be required to check out at 11 am and head back to the gruel of traffic, noise, and demanding lifestyles. 
Hiking is a wonderful pastime, though very exerting and not meant for the ill-prepared. You really want to give yourself and your family enough time to enjoy some of the wonderful Island trails that the Canadian Shield have to offer: Rockview, Dossyonshing, Massassauga, (on the northern cusp) and the Huron, Georgian, and Look Out on the south, to name a few. 
For my family and me, we spent some extra time packing a shore lunch picnic and took our time enjoying the area landscape. That gave us the true appreciation for what Ontario has to offer its local residents and tourist in Cottage Country. Port Severn Honey Harbour is great spot to add to your cottage rentals series list. Don’t miss out!
By SweetMarie

Author: SweetMarie
Source: CottageMe.com
August 1, 2012

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