Quebec City, is it really a city? Or actually is it a walk back in time?

Quebec City, is it really a city?  Or actually is it a walk back in time?

“Kébec”, named after the Algonquin word meaning “where the river narrows”, is the second largest city in the province of Quebec, and as well is the province’s capital.  The St. Lawrence River narrows as it enters the city, on the one side Levis, and on the other side, Cape Diamont.  This is how the city came by its name.  The St. Lawrence River is an integral part of Quebec history, both in merchant and battle.  The city’s historical significance dates back to the early part of 1500’s, and is one of the oldest historical cities in North America.  Jacques Cartier built the first settlement on site in 1535.
The early settlers were mostly priests and religious officiates, bringing the word of God to the New Land, and with it, a new language, culture and way of life.  Quebec City has spent much of its municipal and provincial funding on maintaining and restoring the integrity of the architecture surrounding its city limits, which makes it a favourite choice in a trip through the province of Quebec.  Few have come through and not stopped for a visit to this antiquities’ epicentre.  It’s hard to walk through rue de Petit Champlain, and not feel like you are walking back in time to a little French village on the southern coast of France.  Or take a brisk gallop around Le Chateau Frontenac and not feel like you have travelled back to the 18th century, about to have high tea with your family’s solicitor.  The visit will leave you purring like a cuddled kitten.
Just imagine what the chalet will be like that you and your family have chosen for your cottage rentals getaway.  Will it have the large logs and the sloping style green roof?  Or will you be welcomed with a long cobble stone lane leading up to a cedar planked exterior?  The possibilities are many and one as equally eye-pleasing as the next.  Quebec City will bring you many photographic events during your stay.  Be sure and pick a location that is close enough to town, so you may be able to walk to many of what you visit.  Cars are not necessary.  Even if the weather turns, and you are met with snowfall, dress warmly and experience a bit of what the old city has to offer with culture, music, cuisine, and robust conversation.  One of the best times of year to visit Quebec City is during the Bon Homme de Neige Carnaval in February (Winter Carnival).  The snow carnival is all about winter fun with ice sculpture contests, lighting events in the parks, and yes, even the famous “sugar shack” candy will find its way into your taste buds.  The festival honours as well, maple syrup, and everything that it brings to the Quebecois kitchen. 
Quebec City is calling you….bring your warm clothes; they’ll have warm hearts waiting. 

Author: SweetMarie
October 7, 2012

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