Winterland Vistas

They can certainly be glorious.  Winterland Vistas are a photographer's paradise, a discovery into the chilly world of varied whites and blues.  In this article we explore the various locations across Canada which are sure to please the eye and the avid winter outdoorsman who are looking for the picture perfect postcard called “incredible”.  Imagine rent cottage for a week just to explore and relax through your camera?  Do you have the desire?  I sure have had the itch.
When I was a little girl, my parents would take my siblings and me to Blue Mountain for the day to have some fun on the slopes, and then a nice hot chocolate and some good hearty soup in town.  I remember, even now can see them, towering yet inviting you to their cerulean peaks jutting out through the sunshine.  Blue Mountain has made onto the list of gorgeous Winterland Vistas for Ontario.  There is always something fun to do in Collingwood, but if you can find the right spot on the side of the highway, pop out and take a couple of shots, the views are gorgeous.
Ever been to Quebec City during “Winter Carnaval”?  You will never see anything else like it in Canada.  It is just like taking a step back into a different time.  The snow is everywhere and in some cases taller than the level of a small car.  But the people are warm and the culture is filled with good times.  The vistas are like snapshots of old town Quebec are often compared to a friendly walk through a colourful sunrise on cold February morning.  There are pockets of red with “Bonhomme’s” scarf to see.  Signs and street vendors fill the narrow lanes singing out what they are selling.  Winter puts no stop on the festive nature of the times.  Some of the most boisterous images will come to your camera’s lens as you take images of ice sculptures and lighting sets where contests bring out some of the city’s foremost artisans.
What Cranbrook boasts in steam baths and hot springs, it cannot compare to the majesty bestowed upon the province of British Columbia’s rocky peaks.  Whistler, BC as well, can have the same bragging rights.  The vistas are more glorious than you could ever possible imagine.  Your camera will fill as you capture ashen peaks with blanched out with snow, as you sport a sweater or a windbreaker….the weather never really gets below 12 or 15 degrees.  You could rent a chalet, and simply take a nice fresh air walk along the side of the road and shoot one after the other of rocky mountain tops, at every angle…
Still, no matter where  I travel, whatever cottage I rent and chalet I visit, I will always have a special place in my heart for my little snatch of winter land paradise on my Harris Lake.  My cottage’s winter land vista is as glorious, in my opinion, as the wonderful other ones in Canada.

Author: SweetMarie
March 1, 2013

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