Time Spent Cottage Renting, how long is long enough?

Time Spent Cottage Renting, how long is long enough?

If you have ever done the math, sat down and looked at the amount of time you spend driving, flying or riding on a bus to enjoy your vacation, it would probably shock you.  I sat down once and actually figured out that I spent a whole day of travel to make it to a 4 day tropical vacation in the Bahamas.  The flight delay, the amount of time spent packing and prepping, the amount of time spent waiting in line up after line up, it made me angry.  That’s not why I put aside time.  I do it to rest, relax, kick off the loafers, and slip on the sandals and enjoy the weather and the peace.  Well guess what?  Cottage renting can be that way for you. 



You just have to ask yourself some questions: 

1. How far is the cottage rental from my home?
2.  Do I travel by car? (Of course!)
3.  What are the major routes? (Minor ones/back roads?)
4.  How much time do I have for vacation this season?
5.  What are my permitted arrival and departure times?
6.  What is the traffic like?
7.  How early can I wake up the kids and get going? (As early as possible!)
8.  Can I pack the night before?
9.  How much does an extra week cost?
10.  Can we share the drive/cottage week with family? (Do we want to?)
The message here is how much time do you want at your cottage rental?  Most cottage rentals in Canada, especially in Ontario, run a week at a time, particularly if you are renting in July and August.  Why a whole week and not just 3 days?  I’m asked this myself many times.  Most owners do not find that 3 day cottage rentals are worth the effort.  There is a lot to plan and do, and with all the work involved from the guest’s side, you would want to maximize your time relaxing and enjoying the peace and tranquility, or the fun times in the water, NOT fighting traffic there and back.  The other reason is obvious:  demand.  Ontario’s demand increases in July and August, and if you only have a few spots available, as an owner, you do not want to waste 4 days out of every week to occupy just the weekend.  It is much higher to rent a Monday-Thursday; demand is higher for the weekend.  Typically I do not arrive for the renters.  We meet in advance locally and hand over the keys.  I do, however, make arrangements for every departure to either host it myself, or have my property manager look after it for me.  Fewer problems this way.
My suggestion is simple, opt for a week.  Do your travel early if possible to avoid the stress of traffic.  Travel by car to save on cost, and share the drive if possible.  Plant it out, and map it out.  Check the traffic in advance.  Confirm your arrival and departure times in advance in writing with the owner.  See if you can get a better price if you take two consecutive weeks (assuming you have that vacation time with work).  Be organised, and spend less time waiting and stressing and more time relaxing!

Author: Sweet Marie
Source: CottageMe.com
May 18, 2012

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