Guest gift baskets

Guest gift baskets


We always leave a basket with wine and crackers. We try to leave local cheese, but it depends on whether the vendor is at the farmer's market and if I can get there. If not local cheese, I try to get something at least from California. We only use California wine, but the local stuff isn't great so we mostly use wine from Napa. Again, depending on what day the people are arriving, we try to get some local fruit that's in season and from the Farmer's Market. Otherwise, we get something local from the grocery store. Because we're in Southern California, there's always something that's in season.

If someone is staying for longer than usual and has kids, we also put in goldfish crackers or juice for the kids. Otherwise, it's just the wine, cheese, crackers and fruit.

That said, people have commented over and over again how nice it was to arrive after a long travel day to have a snack waiting for them.


Author: Melissa Tarsky
Source: Hill Street Cottage
March 1, 2011

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