Party Folk: Noise not Nature’s Song

Party Folk:  Noise not Nature’s Song

This past summer, early August, I got a unique email request from a trailer owner that sounded really p----d off. He had been evicted from his campsite, and the remainder of his rental fees for the season were not going to be refunded. He was livid! He needed help and fast. He wanted to find a replacement spot before the end of the season, as he had family coming in for Civic holiday and he was stuck. I called him.

My site was a single dwelling unit, so I wasn’t really sure if he understood that I was a Cottage Owner with a Rental business for the dwelling. He was desperate, and willing to look at anything for the rest of the season. I asked why he was evicted. He said that he and his family violated the noise ordinance policy of the campsite, and the owners were being @&&!()^s. In his mind, going to the trailer on the weekends meant a bit of unwinding, a few beers, and maybe some laughs. He did not feel as though they were loud or broke any laws. Well it turns out, after talking to him for a while, it wasn’t more than just a few laughs. He had received 2 written warnings from the campsite marshal and security guards. The third letter was the eviction notice. He wasn’t a 19 year old from the city. He was a 45 year old father of three kids, whose kids were louder than he was apparently. After having a few beers their laughter and carrying on disrupted other families that were trying to sleep. They complained and one thing led to another, and then: eviction. His $3800.00 dollars was kept and he had no spot for the remainder of the season, which represented at the very least, 3 more months before shut down, just as the better weather arrived and bugs were going away.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people think they are all alone in the universe, or in this case the, campsite. Some people truly forget that sound carries, especially over lakes and rivers. And just because you are wide awake at 2 am, drunk as a skunk, and having a grand old time, doesn’t mean that everyone else around you is as well. Some people do like to get a full 8 hours of sleep, especially if they have kids who are like roosters, and rise with the sun. What about those families that have infants or toddlers? Those babies are as cranky as an old man with a rotten tooth, if they don’t get enough sleep. Face it, you are in a lose-lose situation if you do NOT respect the noise ordinance policy in the cottage resort, rental or campsite you occupy.

In my terms and conditions, I make it very clear, 11 pm is the time for quiet conduct out of doors. Your loud shenanigans will not be tolerated. You are not alone. Yes you are on vacation, but it does not give anyone the right to act like a loud, obnoxious, drunken idiot, disrupting everyone. I have a 100 feet of shoreline and the loudness of one family, multiplied by 3 or 4 more would create enough of a disturbance to have a visit from the local OPP in town.

I gave this fellow a phone number of a campsite that is so far in the bush, it does not host families at all, and recommended he try them out. The ironic thing was, he called me back and told me that he didn’t like it one bit. The entire site was filled with “party folk and I’m a family man”, is what he told me. Apparently the family that came from the East coast to visit, was none too impressed with his campsite selection. They did not get any sleep during their vacation. I had to laugh. Treat the world around you, as you would expect to have it treat you, and things should go according to plan.

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Author: SweetMarie
January 30, 2012

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