Cottages are better than Hotels, here’s why….

Cottages are better than Hotels, here’s why….

A typical dilemma is now faced by many vacation rentals people  whether to stay in cottage or hotel. Going on vacation can be best enjoyed by the people when they have all the freedom to be of their own, no limitations, no timings and a free choice. Everybody will agree and so you that a vacation will be more enjoyable if you are able to do exactly what you like doing in your home.  That is exactly what anybody will want, a situation conducive to complete relaxation. Where you stay is the most important part of happy holidaying. However, socializing people may be by nature, they love creating their very personal atmosphere in any place they are on vacation. It is okay as long as you are engaged in activities outside, but after that anybody would crave for pulling back to a personal and private ambiance, no outsiders and no rules. You will feel the best satisfaction of these delicate human wants staying in a cottage, not hotel.  

Why should there be any confusion about staying in hotels when vacationing? No two ways of thinking; hotels are in the business of comforting people when away from home and they do it by all means. You can get assistance as you wish, besides nice and cozy bed, fresh towels, some amount of toiletries, stocked up mini fridge, television, internet connectivity and more with room service. Now it is well established and advanced hospitality service, a strong discipline of multibillion dollar business. Surely when you are on a quick business trip, these facilities are very much a necessity since you need concentrating on nothing other than the business. 
Vacation has different meaning to the people according to situations.  What a single or newly married couple will find most suitable, will not be suitable for holiday time with family. In the first two conditions, people are generous in spending and do not like taking slightest botheration. Better they are provided with everything they need within arm’s reach.  While holidaying with family, people are conscious about expenses and certainly avoid buying a bottle of water of price of wine: the same problem for food, no choice in hotels, but forced to opt for hugely spelt pricy dishes that you don’t know if you will relish it. Family people love to venture out to taste local dishes, not go after expensive dishes of multilayered stuffing and toppings with flashy names.  Everybody knows the actual local delicacy can be best enjoyed in local restaurants in local markets or round the corner costing much less. It is all your decision and liking of the family members what you want to eat and schedule your want to follow; every minute as your very own, no bondage of a schedule fixed by the hotel.
Cottage Vacation rentals  means enjoying repose, a hundred percent stress free time, away from pushing around the crowds, queuing up and hubbubs of city.  You can’t think of this kind of situation while on holidaying. It will be difficult to find a peaceful ambience in hotels, especially in dining hall and blaring music in the evenings. A serene atmosphere is not likely to be in hotels. If you think of enjoying complete seclusion, staying in cottage is the best alternative. Hotels are okay for active nightlife, but many go on vacation with totally different mindset than being amidst high-spirited merriment.  Those who want totally relaxed time, the comforts of cottage are matchless. You get every facility for comfortable stay in cottages starting right from pleasure of calm morning walks in the cottage garden; hot coffee and sumptuous self prepared breakfast, some with nice swimming pool, outdoor sports facilities and more. You need not at all worry about cooking; the kitchens are fully equipped.

Hotels are normally located in crowded business districts. You may not find any disturbing noises within the hotels, but face the chaos when you step out.  In contrast, cottages are generally located in peaceful areas away from commercial areas. While staying in cottages, most you will find yourself in the proximity of areas like beach. You will enjoy separate rooms for the whole family, nice kitchen, bathrooms, maid services and even personal cook; all for a reasonable price and without having to worry about tipping left and right. In real sense of vacationing, staying in cottages is more fulfilling. 


Author: Alex Berestyuk
February 16, 2012

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