Making a bed on the fly!

Making a bed on the fly!

So you found the perfect cottage rental, and you’ve packed and are just about ready to leave. Your cousin, neighbour, best friend, sister and brother-in-law call you and they want in! “We can contribute!” They tell you. Or how about the locals you met while touring the local hot spots, and they drank a bit too much of that Sangria punch your spouse made and there are no taxis in the bush. What if you booked a spacious three bedroom, only to discover that the advertisement was wrong, and now you are one bed shy of your minimum needs for the rental? What do you do? Here are some helpful hints on making a bed on the fly for those unexpected surprises that seem to rumple your cottage rental vacations, with some much needed sound advice in what I like to call Best Practices.

Best Practice-A:
Always ask up front how many beds/type of beds there are and whether linens are extra or included in your stay. Don’t be shy, ask for it in writing and take the quote/proposal/agreement with you when you pay or book the deposit.
- Couch cushions regardless of the size of couch, are always an easy fix for a child. They can be mobile and move in to mom and dad’s bedroom, in the event there is a need. Just wrap an extra fitted sheet around them and put them in a spot against a wall for some stability.
- Sleeping bags that are doubled or tripled up are a lot more comfortable than you think, especially when placed on carpeted flooring. The sleeping bags are also mobile and they store very easily. Great for slumber parties and can be washed at home at the end of the week.

Best Practice-B:
It’s a very good idea to pack an extra couple of flat sheets and a pillow or two with cases, even if the owner indicates that linens are provided. If one of the kids has an accident, or if the linens were never washed (*groan*) and there is no laundry on site, it’s a long way to town. Extra is always safe and easy.
- What about the two twins in the extra bedroom? Your friends thought they were also getting a double bed. Well, if you push them together guess what? Now you have a king sized bed! How’s that for staging savvy???
- A lot of cottage rentals have patio loungers outdoors to use by the water’s edge for sun bathing and relaxing. Perfect little cot for that extra child or smaller sized adult that wasn’t accounted for, yet ended up added to the occupancy.

Best Practice-C:
Try and get as many inside pictures of the dwelling as possible. It will help you gage the seating arrangements for meals and for socials in the living room. It is also a good way to be proactive if you have to make a bed on the fly. The unknown is always a big?
- Guess what else that removable bench from your minivan can do for your family in a pinch? Yup! It just made you an additional bed for your son’s best friend!

Now remember something, not declaring your true occupancy level for the week/s you spend at a cottage rental, is actually dishonest. But every cottage owner knows that sometimes life happens and we have to be human and caring people. The important thing is to think on your feet and know when you should.

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Author: SweetMarie
March 20, 2012

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