Cottage Vacations on a budget $$$$$

Cottage Vacations on a budget $$$$$

This economy has made it exceptionally hard for a lot of families who have gone from two to one income. Times are tough and the days of affording lots of luxury are not in the present day. Still folks are looking for peace and quiet along some water to relax and enjoy there one or two weeks in a cottage rental that can meet their budget. Here a few hints from on saving money for week or two weeks away at your well-earned cottage rental spot:

1. Shared accommodations. Consider joining another family and sharing a 3 or 4 bedroom cottage, especially if you only have one or two kids. It reduces the week’s rental expense, and in some instances, cuts it in half.
2. Create a “savings can or jar” and stick to it. Through-out the 6 or 9 months, in advance of your cottage rental, put whatever you can scrounge up into it: bottle returns, spare change, swear jar funds, take-out food expenditures (eat out of the fridge instead) etc. You would be shocked on how much can be saved just be cutting back on some of the extras. Now don’t touch it until it’s time to pay for your rental.
3. Drive further. You can save some money if you select a cottage rental farther away than the more popular locations and the busier towns and cities.
4. Try it without lakefront. I know it’s important to be as close to the lake, bay or river as possible, but it really does add to the cost of the rental. It is a premium to be on a lake or have beach front. Drop the expectations and perhaps have it within a ten minute walk to the lake or public beach.
5. Ever gone without hydro or running water? Try it survivor man style (slightly), a step above camping. You’ll have the dwelling, and maybe propane lighting and grilling with a campfire, can help economise. It’s rustic and cost conscious. Prioritise what is most important with luxury verses necessity.
6. Book in an off season month. Peak periods are July and August in Ontario and in most other provinces as well. Try June or late September. You’ll save a few bucks.
7. Loyalty has its privileges. I provide preferred rates to repeat renters at my spot. It’s my way of rewarding those who support. Sometimes I even throw in a free weekend to mom and dad as an added promotion.
8. Sometimes resorts can be economical. The accommodations are less in most instances. And you are often “sharing” land, shower facilities, and picnic grounds. But it can also help cut costs and the family could make some friends.
9. Bring your own linen. I charge extra for it and most people do not end up bringing too much from home, just enough to use while they occupy.
10. Above all: start your search early. Owners will often give a discount if you book in advance. I do. Promotional pricing is tough to negotiate if you wait until the last minute.

Cottage rentals on a budget….we don’t always get what we want….but if we try sometimes we get what we need and still have a good cottage rental vacation that is on a shoe string budget. Just remember what economical can sometimes bring.

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Author: SweetMarie
March 23, 2012

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