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Another Peak Season for Vacation Rentals

CottageMe.com is one of the biggest Canadian Vacation Rentals sites in the country and has thousands of visitors. We are on Google’s top listings for searches on cottages, chalets and vacation rentals.  Ontario is in big demand during the ski season and also the summer time.  Many travelers flock to the beautiful province of Ontario during March break in search of peace and relaxation.  Families are looking for Ontario’s hidden treasures and value.  Why not advertise your provincial chalets through CottageMe.com?  Come have a look at what we can do to grow your rental base, maximize your exposure and explore a unique way of making some extra money without a lot of effort. We can help connect you with hundreds of thousands Canadian travelers every day!

Here is a sample of one of our recent advertisements:

This ad has got 21 requests from our web site for 1.5 month.

  • Right now Ontario has a special introductory offer of $69.00 for 1 Year
  • About  50% OFF from our regular price $119.
  • Use Promo Code [button color=”green” link=”http://cottageme.com/payment/intro” target=”_blank”]69ONLY[/button] to advertise 1 property for $69 per each Ad
  • Use Promo Code ONLY49 to advertise up to  10 properties for $49 per each Ad.
  • You save $$$$

Your success is our pleasure!

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