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CottageMe Top 10 cottages (by inquiries)

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– CottageMe Top 10 cottages.
– Vacation Rentals with dangerous weather.
– Hydro Service Interruptions in Cottage Country.
– Romance in the Woods.

CottageMe Top 10 cottages..
Today we’re going to show you the top 10 cottages which received the highest amount of inquiries from our Visitors this year.
The leading cottage is “Lake front Cottage with open fire place” – 209 inquiries!
9 cottages have 80-120 requests per year. The average number of visitor’s requests of all our listing cottages is 45. Take a Look at the screenshot of the First 10 CottageMe leaders and think how you can edit your Ad to be more attractive for our website’s clients.

Vacation Rentals with dangerous weather .
Everyone knows how deflated our spirits get when we’ve gone to so much trouble for our very special vacation rentals in a lovely, warm and tropical setting, with gorgeous palm trees, a spectacular view of the ocean, and no immediate neighbours nearby…and then it hitsà Hurricane! You and your family have taken so much time …Read more>>


Hydro Service Interruptions in Cottage Country
Bylaws and short term cottage rentals, a very harsh reality for OwnersDo you ever get that automated call from Hydro One about a planned power outage? What is a planned power outage? What is it for and what does it do? Well, for starters, unlike storm and climatic events that cause damage to the hydro system within your area, and are random, … Read more>>



Romance in the Woods.
Cottage Cleaning and Going the EXTRA mile.Now that the colder weather is setting in for Canadian based Cottage Rentals, romance in the woods is something that often tags along. Romantic getaways usually involve cozy fireplace snuggling, and long hikes into spectacular colour vistas of falling leaves and mountain climbs. What better way to explore your romantic side then …Read more>>


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