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Crafty Ideas while renting a cottage

Here are some great ways to spend quality time with the kids, family and friends during your cottage rental.  Crafts are simple and can be economical too—they don’t need a lot of stuff, just remember to ask in advance of your cottage rental, if these craft ideas are okay with the owner.  And remember to keep an open mind and a patient heart.

  1.  Pine cone wreaths:  use cardboard from a box you are going to recycle and draw a circle the size of the wreath you would like to make; then draw another circle on the inside for the whole.  You will need a good pair of utility scissors to cut the design.  Collect your pine cones (you can use acorns as well) and then sit down to make your design out of the cones first.  Then you will need a really good glue (glue guns are an option, but may not be readily available) so try and bring a good glue that will work best.  Glue the cones one at a time on the wreath, and leave it in the sun to dry.  You can spray paint them all different colours, and come the holidays, they make great gift ideas for family, friends and teachers.
  2. Framed leaves/wildflowers:  are lovely and can be a nice way of saying thank-you to your proprietor for a fun cottage rental week.  Pick the leaves you would like to frame.  You can do the occasional wildflower too.  At the local dollar store, or a craft store, you can find inexpensive wooden or plastic frames where the back comes out.  Pop the leaf in the middle and consider added a drop of glue on the back of the leaf to adhere it to the frame so it does not move.  (Please do not hurt insects or butterflies for this craft.)  The leaves you pick should be ones that have fallen on the ground.
  3. Sand candles:  for this you definitely need an adult to assist.  And it takes a bit more time and prep work, but the results are beautiful.  Over the year, put aside the old candles that have been used and are about to burn out.  You will need to collect enough to generate a good size in your sand candle.  You need to put all the candles in a used metal tin that will eventually go to recycling, and you will melt all the wax in one can.  Dig a cylinder style whole in the sand at your cottage rental (this does not hurt the ground).  Find a stick that will sit across the hole and tie a string to the stick (really well) and to a short stick about 3 inches across so it will sit on the bottom and act as the wick holder, and the longer stick will sit at the top and act as the wick hanger. (You should try and use candle wick for string for best results).  And the string should not be longer than the size of the hole; it should sit taught from end to end for a clean straight wick inside your candle.  Place the sticks and heat the wax until it turns to liquid.  Pour the wax into the hole (hopefully you have enough wax to fill the hole).  Wait for the wax to cool.  It could take a couple of hours depending upon the amount of wax and the weather.  Once cooled, take a butter knife and work a little at the sides of the sand wall where the candle meets the sand and gently pull the stick up.  You will be amazed with the results of your lovely sand candle!


Crafty ideas for cottage renters are a great way to enjoy nature and your cottage rentals.  Just please remember to ask in advance if the craft ideas you would like to do, meet the policies and expectations of the cottage rental owner.  Have fun and be safe!