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Merry Cottage Christmas 2013

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- Merry Cottage Christmas, make the best time ever!
– Cottage Holiday Recipes
- Ice Fishing??? No really…. ICE FISHING!
- Cottage Rentals Safety: Winter Proofing

Scam Alert – one of our cottage owner got a scam request from the Allen Smit, his E-mail allensmith245@ymail.com. This guy has  requested  a 3 day winter vacation and  I did up a contract and then he got owner’s  address and  sent a cheque $2700.00 for a $600 3 day stay. Please be aware of this  scam  person , he also can sign the E-mail with the name  of Lucas.

Merry Cottage Christmas, make the best time ever!Merry Cottage Christmas, make the best time ever!
Welcome to our humble abode. Santa has paid you each a visit and requested that we make this Christmas your best Christmas ever. You are helping our family keep the Christmas dream alive and sharing our cottage home with your family during a very special time. Enjoy the snow, enjoy the goodies and the time away, but most of all, and enjoy each other. God Bless and Merry Christmas.”Read more>>

Cottage Holiday Recipe.
Cottage Holiday RecipeThese are simple but great holiday recipes for entertaining and for chalet rentals during this festive holiday season. They are quick and easy and can be made in advance to take on the go and sustain any small to large group gathering to ring in the Christmas holidays or the New Year. Enjoy and share!
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Ice Fishing??? No really…. ICE FISHING! Bylaws and short term cottage rentals, a very harsh reality for OwnersIt might seem a bit bizarre for some who come from a land that sees little or no cold weather, snow or icy weather temperatures. But here in the winter wonderlands of the great white, and “True North Standing Free” as the anthem goes, we find ways to pass the time and make the most of the colder temperatures and freezing rain conditions.
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Cottage Rentals Safety: Winter Proofing
 Cottage Rentals Safety: Winter ProofingThis article does not only targeted the necessary winter proofing for travelling to and from your winter wonderland cottage rentals, but also the dwelling and the property. It’s best to make a list of “to do’s” if you intend to keep the rentals alive and well through the winter months. And remember, these are just helpful suggestions. The safer you and your family are, the better the overall experience.Read more>>

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