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September 27. Indian summer, Happy Honeymooners, The art of negotiation …

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- Indian summer: cottage rentals during the autumn shift
- Happy Honeymooners rent a cottage instead♥♥♥♥
- Wanna make a deal for cottage rentals? The art of negotiation…

Indian summer: cottage rentals during the autumn shift

Many regular cottage renters absolutely LOVE the fall for renting. Putting aside the obvious in better pricing, the colours are absolutely breathtaking. Some of the most incredible view points and photographs you will ever see and capture happen during September and October. The leaves, the skies, the water ways, conjointly blend into a kaleidoscope labyrinth. I cannot begin to put into words what the eye can see during fall cottage renting. Wondrous and majestic are just the beginning….Read more>>

Happy Honeymooners rent a cottage instead????

Historically, honeymoons were considered the “pause” for the husband before he had to return to the military (usually a year), or the period of time AFTER the wedding, when the bridal couple would do a tour, visiting friends and family that were unable to attend the wedding. Even today it is considered a “special” time that requires thought and planning, as it really only comes along once in the beginning of a marriage to make that time sweet and romantic. It sets the marriage to a warm and loving start when the bridal couple get that special time … Read more>>

Wanna make a deal for cottage rentals? The art of negotiation…

Some owners have a tough time negotiating. They have designed a website. They made their cottage rentals wonderful and family friendly. They have gone to a lot of trouble researching the local ads and established what they believe is fair market value. Things seem to be going well. You’ve got the perfect family interested in two weeks together and they are ready to book and plop down their deposit and/or full payment. Then the ultimate question comes, “would you be able to give us a better price?”… Read more>>


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