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September 7 2012 Welcome to CottageMe Vacation Rental Blog

Welcome to CottageMe Vacation Rental Blog. You will find articles about managing your vacation property, outdoor adventures & safety tips, beginner’s guide plus lots of other useful information on how to increase your Vacation Rental’s Profits.


- Cottage Renting and Payment Options $$$
- Cottage Rental Economics, how do you figure out your costs?
- Cheapskates can go to a “No Tell” Motel !

Cottage Renting and Payment Options $$$

It’s a valid question that even after all the years I have been doing this type of business, does not have a simply answer. A few of my neighbours had approached me last summer when they decided to enter the cottage rental market with their own properties. They asked me about the payment options and I gave them my suggested ideas…Read more>>

Cottage Rental Economics, how do you figure out your costs?

Do you know what your costs are? Does it frustrate you seeing other owners advertise rates that you know from your own end are unfair or outrageous? I’m sometimes asked to justify my rates and how I came by the pricing I established for the various time periods: 3 day weekends, 5 days or a week or even a month. I put a lot of thought into this process as I felt there would be times when I would have to justify it…. Read more>>

Cheapskates can go to a “No Tell” Motel !

…But my frustration gets the better of me in dealing with the typical “Cheapskate”. By definition, “a person/s that do not wish to pay more than a few pennies for something that is worth a considerable amount more in value.” And you know who I am speaking of, those cottage renters that do not appreciate value, or have any idea as to what things cost: hydro consumption, quality of amenities or the maintenance of the dwelling or property, location, cleaning, the view etc. I have hosted a few of these kinds of personalities in the years I have been a cottage rental owner, and I try to stay far away from them now
Read more>>

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