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Summer Recipes for Cottage Rentals

Simply the best ribs!

Baby Back Ribs are the best for this recipe but you can use side ribs too. Combine full bottles of the following: Ketchup, Diana’s Chicken and Rib Sauce, LKK Panda Oyster Sauce, 1 Can Beer, 2 Table Spoons Dry Garlic, 2 Table Spoons BBQ Spice, 3 Table Spoons Sugar into a blender or mixer and mix. Leave over night in the fridge to meld the flavours. In a large sauce pan that can go over a campfire place the ribs and then the sauce mixture. You want to keep the flames low and warm the ribs slowly for 3-4 hours. You can also use a traditional oven at 300 degrees and slow cook them. You can also use a crock pot at the low setting for 4 hours. They are Simply the Best Ribs!

Ice Cream Sandwiches with a Twist.
Most of this stuff is available at your local Cottage Rental General Store. You will need 3 Jell-O Pudding Packs, 1 Philly Cream Cheese Brick, Graham Crackers, and Lime Jell-O. Make the Lime Jell-O according to the recipe, put in the fridge to set. Make the three packs of Vanilla Pudding in a mixer, add the cream cheese (lightly softened in the microwave) and mix until smooth. Lightly oil a freezer safe dish with vegetable oil on a paper towel to prevent sticking. First place the crackers on the bottom of the dish to fit together tightly like a jigsaw (you may need to break a few in the process to fit them in properly). Add dollops of the Lime Green Jell-O first. Then top with the Pudding Cream Cheese mixture. Add more crackers on the top, again fitting them in with a nice tight fit. Grab some plastic wrap and place a snug fit on top. Squeeze down to remove any gaps and air pockets. Freeze. Once frozen remove from the freezer, and cut into squares. Using a good spatula, remove one square at a time. YUMMY! And the Lime Green Jell-O adds the twist. You can try this with Chocolate Pudding as well, and different flavours of Jell-O.

Left Over Salad!
Perfect for the day before departure from your Cottage Rental. Take whatever protein you have left from the Grill or BBQ. Chill it, and cut it up into smaller pieces. Add a bit of dressing, some beans, top over your favourite mixed greens and add some shallots or chives at the very end. Best part of this salad is nothing is wasted and it tastes amazing! Who said leftovers couldn’t be delicious???