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Building a campfire at your cottage rental

Published on March 30, 2012 by Sweet Marie

Building a campfire at your cottage rental
Building a campfire at your cottage rental is fun and will create lovely memories… but remember SAFETY FIRST. Here are some helpful ways to get you started on put on the right track for enjoyment.

Sitting with the family or friends around a campfire will produce some of the greatest memories from your cottage rental experience. It’s always on everyone’s “cottage rental must have’s list”. Toasting marshmallows and making popcorn are a great way to spend the evenings while discussing the day’s events.

First things first, before lighting any fires we must first ensure that there are no fire bans on in our areas and that we are allowed to have fires. Next, we should also do an inspection of our fire pit area. Inspect for, low branches, pine needles on ground near fire pit, the height of the ashes from previous fires. If the ashes are too high from previous fires, we should take the time to dig it out. You can put the ashes in gardens or spread it out in the woods, provided that the ashes are cooled. Lower branches that could cause a flame should be removed. Gather up the pine needles and save them, they are a great for helping get a fire started.

Fires require work and preparation to ensure a successful lighting. Do not ever use gas or other combustible gases or liquids to start a fire. Camping sections sell some great products that can assist in the lighting process, but the woods supplies all the elements needed for a successful start up. Gather up some wood tinder (small branches) from the grounds around the rental property, and separate the tinder in two sizes and also look for birch bark as it is great at holding a flame. If there is not much tinder around the ground of the property, you will need to breakdown your wood into various sizes of tinder. The way of start a fire is to take a two foot long piece of tinder and place it into the ground on a thirty degree angle. Lean some smaller pieces of tinder at the bottom (closest to the point where the initial two foot tinder meets the ground) and then place some pine needles on the inside of the tinder. Add your birch bark on top of the pine needles and light the Birch bark. Once the birch bark has been lit, ensure that the smallest tinder is catching that flame. Slowly add more small pieces of tinder as needed, but don’t add so much that it smothers the fire. Progress with the larger pieces of tinder as needed until the largest pieces of wood can be added. Do not allow fire to get so big that it cannot be controlled and add wood as needed.

Always make sure that you have a bucket of water, water hose (with water ready) or proper fire extinguisher ready in the event that the fire gets out of control. Enjoy the great times to be had around the fire, but remember that being safe is your first priority!!!

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