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Cottage Cleaning and Going the EXTRA mile.

Published on October 11, 2012 by Sweet Marie

Cottage Cleaning and Going the Extra mile

Do you ever wonder how often the cottage you are renting is being cleaned?  Have you walked in and within that first few minutes smelled the area and thought that very question?  Have you worried over things such as germs, bacteria and bugs and such?  My guests are asking me on occasion about why I see each family off at the time of their departure.  Most assume it is to verify if anything is broken or missing.  That might be a small part of it, but honestly the bigger part is cottage cleaning.

My agreements ask for every family/guest group to clean up after themselves before they leave.  I provide a check list for some basic principles.  And yes, there have been occasions where I’ve had to retain the damage deposit because my inspection was delayed and the family/guest group had to get going.  But I do believe in cleaning after each and every stay, even with my own family.  We are clean people, and most people, especially families do the basics.  But you have to know, that coming from years of hotel and restaurant management, there are added cleaning measures that are taken in my cottage rentals that I feel give that “clean and fresh” smelling atmosphere as soon as you walk into the dwelling.

Why is it so important?  Why dust?  Why vacuum the inside of the couch? Why wipe window ledges and clean the inside of the fridge?  Why use disinfectants?  Why do the additional cleaning if everything seems clean?  I got two words for you:  BODY ODORS.  Travelling to many resorts all over the North American, South Pacific and even Europe, if there is one nasty little bacteria that are unbelievably hard to eliminate and even reduce, it is human body odor.  You cannot see it.  It doesn’t leave a trail, stain or residue that is visible.  But it is often there.  People eat certain things, and perhaps they do not bathe as often as others, and perhaps they are limited when it comes to deodorants and antiperspirants.  Whatever the reasons, it has been my experience that even the most luxurious of resorts, and hotels, struggles with this one thing.
I once went to a very expensive resort and went through 4 rooms because the mattresses smelled.  I know it seems a bit extreme, but seriously, it is frustrating and disgusting at the same time to try and sleep when the mattress smells bad.  Do I steam clean my mattresses every other week?  No, but there are measures that any one cottage owner can take that really do make it a lot easier to maintain a cleaner dwelling and go the EXTRA MILE.

3 thoughts on “Cottage Cleaning and Going the EXTRA mile.

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  • Era
    on October 16, 2012

    that is very good article, i like it very much,hope to see next

    • Satoru
      on November 11, 2012

      She can make her own febreeze by miinxg fabric softner with water,works great and smells awsome!You can get the “ring”out of the toilet by using a fine grade sandpaper.After you clean it of course,hehe.Ever get grape juice in the carpet? Use shaving cream.Shaving cream is also great to keep your mirrors in your bathroom from fogging up after a shower,just rub it on the glass.Instead of buying carpet cleaners just use laundry detergent,works great and smells good to.Not sure if she is a smoker but a bowl of vinegar left on the table over night will absorb the odor and keep the house smelling fresh.Im a smoker and i do this all the time.


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