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Yeah but we really WANT the BEACH!

Published on June 23, 2017 by Sweet Marie

Cottage Rental Really Want the Beach

You know that need… you’ve heard it, read and probably said it yourself many times. It’s that absolutely necessary shoreline criteria that make it impossible for some cottage owners who have rocky shorelines, and messy for the beach-owners who are forever sweeping up sand washing linen all the time. Personally, we get a bit down at times when we respond to want ad’s looking for cottages and show them how gorgeous ours is, all the amazing sunsets and garden pics that should really have the option to compete with beachfront… but nope alas! Not at all.

Cottage rental seekers that seek the beach are really looking to try and replace the southern US or Caribbean experience with a more economical and local option. Don’t get me wrong, there are beach front rentals out there. I have written all kinds of articles on on shorelines and the perks of having a beach front as a cottage – it is definitely a premium to boast such a nice extra. However, there are also other realities that go with beaches that you have to remember come with the terrain.

Sand gets in everything! And I mean EVERYTHING. You are sweeping and washing and if you have babies on your vacation, it’s all over them too. I don’t care how far you think your cottage rests from the shoreline – that wind will make it darn clear that you are going to get covered. We rented a cottage in PEI a couple of summers ago, and it was half a kilometre away from Brackley Beach – we brought the sand home in our suitcases!

Windy is windy. People will often say that windy shorelines are typical with large bodies of water – and yes it is true. Combine sandy shorelines on that large body of water, and it will be tough to enjoy the shoreline. The wind will feel harsher and stronger with the sand.

Do I sound a little jaded? Maybe… I get a bit ruffled every time I try to bid on some business for our cottage rental and the first thing out of the gate is, “do you have a beach?” “Uhh, no though we have lovely flagstone steps into the water for gradual entry…” “Yeah we really want the beach!” Toddlers and young children I presume need that lumpy soft surface to help them develop the ability to walk better… right? No. I think some parents just believe it will be easier for them to care for their kids near water if the slope is subtle and soft. I get it…I don’t believe in the comfort and the philosophy. Young kids can drown in an inch of water, and the false sense of security that a beach provides is only just that – mythical.

So for you beach lovers out there that need the beach to fulfill some fantasy or pretense of safety for your young kids – no worries I understand. We cannot change where we are located and no matter how lovely we make our shoreline and rock gardens for sheer pleasure and peaceful enjoyment – you will have the stress of cleaning out sand from your cars for months after!

By SweetMarie

Image Source: peysos via Instagram

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