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Cottage Rentals and the Travelling Sports Families

Published on April 3, 2013 by Sweet Marie

Cottage Rentals and the Travelling Sports Families

I have written a lot of articles on the necessity for providing value to various types of cottage rentals guests. The travelling sports families are another example of how devoted and passionate parents can be about their kids’ athletic present and future development.  Value is a big deal to these families as well.  Cottage rentals can be a great way to aid in that pursuit.

Think about the types of sports activities available in your cottage community network.  What are some of the closest facilities?  What do they offer for services?  Do they have bulletin boards or websites that provide calendars for a schedule of events?  Can you access this information?  Will they let you advertise through them?

These are great ways to research and potentially learn more about another way you can market your cottage rental for this type of opportunity.  More importantly, you can learn more about another part of your community in your cottage country that you normally would not participate in, and it can be a lot of fun.  Supporting local youth sports’ associations has always been a big “PLUS” in our family.  You can also make it part of yours.  These not-for-profit organisations help build kids’ self esteem and team work through healthy activities such as:  hockey, soccer, baseball, skiing, snowboarding, volleyball, golf, swimming, lacrosse, tennis, dance, basketball…there are so many.  And in Ontario there are seasonal options for many travelling parents for accommodations.  Why not try a cottage rental?

Last year we traveled to the US for a huge hockey tournament for one of our kids.  It was his first one and we decided to follow along with the rest of the families and stay in the very expensive hotel that was where most of the team stayed.  I found out after that some had rented seasonal condos from US families that were away or had seasonal rentals available within walking distance to the hotel.  They spent about half of what we had spent and were still involved in the day to day activities that the team was involved in, including having access to the hotel facilities which the team had covered in our tournament fee package.  I think if I could do it differently, I would have opted to rent the seasonal condo.  It could have been more economical.  WE will definitely consider this for our next season.  And we are also looking into hosting guest families at our cottage rental in our community as well.


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