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Crackers for fireworks when rent cottage!

Published on May 2, 2012 by Sweet Marie

Crackers for fireworks when rent cottage
These are just some simple, common logical steps to follow to help make your next firework show be safe and successful when rent cottage. Enjoy , but remember, be SAFE, not SORRY.

Fireworks when rent cottage are a great way to enjoy time with family and friends during long weekend cottage rentals. They are also explosives and can be very dangerous if not handled properly. You need to understand that nature and fire are not friends. And any method of fire, whether it is for fun, cooking or entertaining the lake and its cottage renters, should be treated with respect and care.

#1.  Fireworks should be purchased from a reliable source and the lighting instructions should be read prior to lighting. Most people who sell them will have a license to do so.  Try and stay away from my buddy’s, uncle’s friend’s neighbor…you are just asking for trouble.  And remember, that as a user of these explosives, the handler is at as much risk of injury as the crowd and the environment.

#2.  Fireworks should be placed in a bucket of sand so that half of the firework is beneath the sand. They should be lit from an arm’s length away and never stand directly over the firework. I know that seems like common sense, but it never ceases to amaze me how many times people forget.

#3.  There should always be a bucket of water or fire extinguisher in the vicinity in case of emergency and something goes wrong.  Chances are you will not have to use it.

#4.  The person in charge of lighting the fire should be wearing eye protection and depending upon the amount of works involved, safety gloves are always a good, added protection for long fireworks displays.

#5.   The fireworks should also be lit in open areas free of trees, houses and other obstacles. Fireworks must also not be lit during a fire ban and should be rinsed off with water before properly disposing of them. Or even better still; keep them in a metal bucket with water in it at the bottom allowing them to cool overnight before disposal.

#6.  Sparklers are a treat for the kids, but parents need to watch the kids closely to ensure that the kids do not touch the end that is lit. The end that is lit can stay hot for a time after the sparkler has finished. It can be a weapon in the worst of situations, and can seriously injure a small child, poke an eye, and harm an animal.  Make sure that the used sparkler has been dipped in a bucket of water or has been rinsed with a hose after it is finished.

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