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Eco friendly cleaning ideas for the cottage rentals

Published on February 5, 2013 by Sweet Marie

Eco friendly cleaning ideas for the cottage rentals
Many people think that being “eco friendly” requires a lot of money.  Actually that’s not true at all.  There are so many ways to save money and time by using every day household products to give your cottage and its furnishings some freshness and keep things clean without using abrasive cleansers and bleach that are not good for the body or the eco systems up north.

The power of the lemon

You’d be surprised how shiny lemon juice can get stainless steel, chrome, sinks, basins, tubs.  If you use as much lemon every day as I do, in my tea, drinking water and such, you can find a second life for the lemon before you compost it.  Put it in a spray bottle with regular water and it can be used to freshen up the room as a deodoriser.  The used half lemon can act as a non-abrasive cleanser on your sinks, and basins, and stainless steel appliances.  It can also help cut the grease on your stove top.  Lemons are effective grease cutters, and make things smell nice after too.  (Average cost, 2-3 lemons per dollar.)

Vinegar and water

Use a little to clean all kinds of floors and keep them shiny.  Make your windows sparkle with 3 parts water and 1part vinegar.  Use a lot to disinfect your toilet and bathroom sink.  Vinegar is best purchased in bulk.  They have stronger kinds at the grocery market if you are an avid “pickler” with your veggies.  But don’t just leave it to pickles and peppers.  Vinegar can clean a lot of surfaces without damaging the wood finish, without excessive fumes, or hurting the septic or ecosystem at your cottage.  (Average cost of vinegar, $3.00 for 2 liters.)

Baking Soda

Great to reduce and remove algae off of boating and swim toys, decks and ladders, baking soda is a non-abrasive cleanser that is both biodegradable and safe around pets and kids.  It really does help make things shiny.  It is a perfect solution to clean the inside of your fridge, freezer, washer, dishwasher, and great for patio furniture.  It is also a great spot remover off of carpets when you add it to water in a condensed form and using a scrub brush to clean spots on carpets.  (Average cost per box, $1.99)

3 Simple ingredients that you find in almost all kitchens can enhance your cleaning options and make you feel really good about it too.  Eco-friendly should be something every tries to work towards, especially in your cottage rental property.  Cottage rentals have a very sensitive eco-system that we need to protect and preserve.  We want them to be around for kids and grand-kids  so future generations can enjoy the wonders of nature.


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