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Indian summer: cottage rentals during the autumn shift

Published on September 17, 2012 by Sweet Marie

Indian summer cottage rentals during the autumn shift
Where did the term come from:  Indian summer?  And why has it become so popular in cottage rentals?  Often referred to as the “dog days of summer”, an Indian summer typically starts in September and can last from a month to two months.  It is abnormally high temperatures and very dry conditions, which make boating, fishing, and swimming much more appealing in cottage country during the fall months.  There are so many less motorists on the highways, less bugs to contend with, less competition to get to the nicer areas of the province, and in most cases, pricing also drops considerably as the demand in the season shifts, just like the weather should.

Many regular cottage renters absolutely LOVE the fall for renting.  Putting aside the obvious in better pricing, the colours are absolutely breathtaking.  Some of the most incredible view points and photographs you will ever see and capture happen during September and October.  The leaves, the skies, the water ways, conjointly blend into a kaleidoscope labyrinth.  I cannot begin to put into words what the eye can see during fall cottage renting.  Wondrous and majestic are just the beginning.

The nights are definitely cooler than the hot and humid days you will experience.  And your fall cottage rental will make campfires and cottage wood burning fireplaces and woodstoves that much more appealing for cozy nights.  The variance in temperature between night and day, is literally “NIGHT AND DAY” by comparison.  So you get the “full cottage life” experience in the fall months, which so many city-dwellers truly look for in their cottage rental.

And if you are a golden year senior, and are looking to bypass all the extreme heat and extreme traffic, take some time and pursue a 5 day Monday- Friday cottage rental in late September.  The experience will be so much better for your patience, and your cheque book.  Costing does drop considerably as the demand drops as well.  Many owners are thinking of shutting down operations and can afford to take less in the fall months.  Often you do so more and more, seniors opting for fall weather conditions for cottage rentals, simply because the pricing is so much better.

Ultimately, one of the best features of all in fall renting is the benefit of fewer cars on the roads and less crowds in all the tourist spots.  Line-ups are shorter and in some cases don’t happen any longer.  You always need reservations, kids are back in school, lakes are a lot quieter, heavy motors are put away…etc.  Less is definitely more when it comes to a fall cottage rental.  Give it a try, and you may find yourself repeating next year!

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