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Island cottages: an experience to last a lifetime

Published on March 13, 2017 by Sweet Marie

Island cottages an experience to last a lifetime

Cottage rentals are great for families to enjoy vacation rentals without all the hectic need of line-ups at the airport. Most rental locations are easy to reach within a driveable distance in your home province, or can encompass a one night stay somewhere across the provinces depending upon your location selection. You could find yourself driving a couple days if you decided to go “coastal”. A great way to really “get away from it all”, I mean really spend some great solitude with your loved ones, is to rent an Island Cottage.

The great benefit of provinces like Quebec or Ontario is the amount of lakes these regions have to offer. Some of the lakes are so vast they have thousands of islands located in their depths and they are inhabited. There are even some islands that go for sale to developers looking to build or expand on the current foot print. Could you imagine owning your own island? Well how about renting a cottage for your vacation? It is possible.

A couple of things you should take note as you move forward in this type of search:

  • There are fewer resources to choose from so you should spend a bit more time searching.
  • Seasonality is strongly associated with island cottages – typically available during the summer months and winter months due to transportation.
  • Make sure you have a clear and safe transport mode of getting you and your loved ones onto the island (it may or may not be included in the rental arrangements).
  • Chances are once you’ve landed supplies are in limited supply – pack accordingly and ask a lot of questions.
  • Having a back-up plan for things like wood, propane, drinking water, and soap is very important – and ask about emergency safety kits for things such as Band-Aids and mild burns and scrapes.
  • Laundry on site is not always an option with island rentals – but it sure is a perk so don’t be surprised if it’s not offered – just pack enough clothes to last the week and maybe take a trip to town towards the end of the week for a quick wash and tumble or leave it for home.
  • Communication methods also needs to be clarified; cell phones are great for all kinds of needs – try and secure your coverage in advance and know your connection levels; some cottages have Wi-Fi – some don’t.
  • Plan for bad weather – board games, movies, and craft ideas are always a wise way to be proactive with rainy weather and bored kids.

Island cottages will bring you a peaceful tranquility with nature. You will be left to your own privacy and relaxation for a vacation that will bring you lots of memories that will last a lifetime.

By SweetMarie

Image Source: jdouglas516 via Instagram

Category: Travel Tips

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