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March Break Options for the Family, chalet and cottage rentals

Published on March 1, 2013 by Sweet Marie

March Break Options for the Family chalet and cottage rentals

Although many opt for the sun and warmer temperatures during Family Day Weekend and March Break, how about trying something a little different this year and exploring the outdoors through a Ontario chalet and cottage rentals?  You would be surprised the amount of fun you and the family could explore doing something a little different this season in the great winter wonderland in the Muskokas, Huntsville or Midland, Ontario.

  1.  Try tubing!  Not a huge investment of time or money.  It’s safe and great for all ages.  Just remember to bring some goggles and a face mask.  You do go down fast and the cheeks do get cold.
  2. How about some ice skating on the frozen pond?  When renting your chalet or cottage, always try and be close to a frozen body of water.  It adds more options like ice skating, or even hockey outdoors.
  3. How about visiting a sugar shack up north?  Making hot syrup until it boils to a crisp crack stage…you don’t need the sugar shack, really.  You just need a good candy thermometer, and mom’s expertise in the kitchen to ensure perfect conditions, some maple syrup, and patience.
  4. Look into the local popular grub spot, and you will find that having an authentic northern meal is not as difficult as it may first appear.  Try the internet and research the area where you will be renting your chalet and cottage.  The family can enjoy a night out, and mom and dad can relax by a cozy fire.
  5. Ever gone horseback riding in winter?  Not so crazy if you know where to go and how to dress.  It’s an incredible experience and the pictures will be amazing.
  6. With the right apparel a hike in the bush or on the trails is also a great way to spend an afternoon, and just amazing the hot cocoa you get to enjoy on your way back!
  7. Snowmobiling is probably one of the most popular pastimes up north.  And the skidoos are available for rent.  Just make sure you stick with the right service provider.  But it can be a lot of fun.

The beach will always be in the tropics and it is always a great way to enjoy yourself during the colder months.  Sometimes though, embracing the cold and riding the snow train can also be a unique way to fill the family memory album.


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