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Millennials and cottage rentals

Published on June 14, 2017 by Sweet Marie

Millennials and cottage rentals

There’s a generation that has come upon us that is proving to be enlightened and health seeking. Their desire for success does not keep them for wanting to live a better life at a slower pace. The millennials have come upon us with their wish to be better at waste management, environmentally conscious, better at relationships, fewer friends, stronger bonds, and building healthier lifestyles with a focus on eating right, getting sleep, and enjoying the fruits of their labours. Millennials are making a splash in both the business world, entrepreneurial arena, and as well, domestic vacations. That’s right, fewer and fewer and flocking to Europe and the Caribbean for vacations. They are staying home, and renting cottages.

This season has been our busiest for demand. If I had more dwellings and more properties I would still be seeing a lot of action. The 20-somethings that have taken time to learn a trade, vocation, or study something that is in hot demand, are finding themselves with money and opportunity. They watched their parents’ and learned from a lot of other avenues. Now they have some money, a place to live, a job, and are looking for the next opportunity – fun times. What’s interesting is that resorts are not what’s keen anymore. They are expensive, busy, crowded, at times even unsafe, and over-done. Millennials are looking for peace, serenity, calm, and quiet surroundings where they can swim, run, canoe, and enjoy all that nature has to offer. They are looking for cottage rentals.

In the past I have stayed away form 20 somethings. I was always afraid that I would be faced with party folk – looking to make our cottage rental their next bachelor memory pad. That may be the case in some circumstances. However, like all groupings, there are some 20 somethings whose sole purpose on a vacation is to slow down and smell the pine needles, do some fishing, have a campfire and write a poem. I know it seems very strange, however, I feel as though all the mistakes the older generations have been making on excess of money, drinking, partying, spending, lavishness, travelling, has finally taught some of the younger generations to take a pause and look at your own homeland for the vacating you seek.

With the ever sloping Canadian $ – it makes total perfect sense to refrain from trying to find that great deal in Florida or Cancun, and consider a two hour drive to the Muskoka’s instead. You do not need to be a financial guru or formal economist to note that a week in Ontario or Quebec or Maritimes, is as rewarding and a better price as a week in Mexico.

By SweetMarie

Image Source: theonlymarble via Instagram

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