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Nature’s Landlords, cottage country’s permanent residents: Bears, Skunks…

Published on April 3, 2012 by Sweet Marie

Natures Landlords cottage countrys permanent residents
Nature’s Landlords, cottage country’s permanent residents….just a friendly reminder that not all that travels around us during our cottage rental are tourists and other renters.  In fact, there is more to be aware of than you realize…..not all that is small and cuddly is friendly.  Sometimes the smaller packages are the most dangerous ones.

Cottage country’s permanent residents can be a bit of a pain, but if we learn how to prepare ourselves, the possibility of a negative experience will greatly be reduced during your cottage rental. The old saying is true “they are more afraid of you than you are of them”. Please do not allow your fear of Bears to affect a great time that could be had by renting a cottage. Bears are curious creatures and have the ability to smell food from a kilometer away. But, it is not only bears we need to concentrate on, skunks and raccoons can be more of a pest than a bear ever could.

Bears are curious creatures, but they are also very timid. The noise that we make while unloading a car, using an axe, kids swimming and general moving around a campsite, should keep Bears and other animals away. In the event that you come across a bear that is not backing down or running away, it is likely that you are dealing with a protective mother. Most experts recommend that you slowly back away from a bear. By slowly walking backwards away from a bear, you will show them that you are giving them their space. Never run away from a bear or look them in the eyes. You will never outrun a bear and running from a bear only makes you look like prey. If you look a bear in the eyes, they will think that you are trying to intimidate them and they will be more likely to attack.

Most skunks and raccoons will only come out at night. Never leave food outdoors in coolers or in compost buckets. Beside the mess they will create, the animals will be aware that they might be able to get a midnight snack there again. Make sure that before the sun goes down and before going to bed that all chip bags and anything related to food is been put into the appropriate containers inside that cottage.

We must always remember that we are in nature and we must protect it for future generations. Being careless with how we treat nature, will have adverse affects on the eco system that exists in that area.  And it also may get you hurt, smelly or worse. Make sure you clean up after yourselves, taking all belongings and garbage back to where they belong. Being a cottage renter, does not mean you do not have a responsibility to protect it, nor does it mean that you are not obligated to the same municipal laws as the cottage owner and the local residents.  In fact, you are even MORE obligated because you enjoy nature more often.  Enjoy nature, respect it and protect it.

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3 thoughts on “Nature’s Landlords, cottage country’s permanent residents: Bears, Skunks…

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