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Off Season options for the Cottage Rental

Published on May 15, 2017 by Sweet Marie

Off Season options for the Cottage Rental

For those of you looking for to fill vacancies during the not so hectic season, and for those of you whose work revolves around the very hectic summer months, here are some great ideas to fill your vacation time or your property gaps in the Off Season:

  1. Entertainment passes to local show, concert or event in the fall and winter months; do a bit of research and explore some unique local attractions that can fill the evenings and weekends with some fun filled music and plays; it’s an exciting option for the guest as well as the owner; rates are lower on the cottage rental and the tickets are more economical as well as the high tide of tourism has died down.
  2. How about escaping to the spa? Many cottages have within their township boundaries a local spa and possibly massage therapy. It could be a great partnership to offer his and her spa treatments as part of the ultimate getaway package. Some businesses even provide mobile services right to your door. You don’t even need to leave the dwelling.
  3. Now hunting isn’t for everyone – I’m certainly not one that invests time and tools into this sort of hobby, fishing maybe, not hunting. However, there are some who love the opportunity to hunt and fish and the fall months definitely have tags for sale with the proper licensing of course. Partnering with a local guide that is licensed and provides services in this area is another off season option for the outdoorsman or woman.
  4. Tournaments – hockey, basketball, indoor soccer, figure skating…there are all kinds of sports in the off season that bring families looking for accommodations that meet their needs and their budget when travelling with sweaty kids. Cottage renting in areas that support local children’s sports associations are a great way to fill some vacancies and provide a service that would normally be tough to find. Hotels will fill up quickly. Research when tournaments are coming to your area and connect with the coordinators who help with the set-up.
  5. Corporate retreats – depending upon your cottage size and amenities and the demographic you are working within, would depend upon the style of retreat you would be looking for and offering up with your cottage rental. Retreats are making a bit of a come-back and can be tough for smaller companies to provide as an employee team building option. Best to do some research first to understand the experience, and then create a plan that works for both sides. And remember the best retreats are the ones that offer up the most conveniences so they guests can enjoy themselves and focus on team building and not on what’s missing.

Off season options are out there and growing in the cottage industry. Just use your imagination and remember to do your homework first before anything else. Knowledge is key, creativity is wondrous.

By SweetMarie

Image Source: bhultay via Instagram

Category: Travel Tips

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