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Massachusetts Vacation Rentals: Homes, Cottages, Condos

Massachusetts is seeped in history. The pilgrims landed at Plymouth. The American Revolution started in Boston. The whaling ships from Nantucket ruled the seas when whaling was the most prestigious fishing one could do. While the past makes a strong mark here, it has not stopped the future from progressing. Boston and Cambridge are hip and lively communities with thriving populations of college students. Provincetown marks on the nation's first openly legally accepted gay communities complete with marriage rights. Sightseers by boat can watch the now protected whales as they visit the area. Gloucester marks the most popular port for those taking a whale watching cruise these days. If that is not your thing you can find many options for checking out colonial areas, museums, nightlife, and home pubs. Another way to explore the state is by bike. There are a number of choices, including the Claire Saltonstall Bikeway that extends from Boston to Cape Cod. Another choice is the Minuteman Bikeway from Cambridge to Bedford. Hiking can also be a great pass time, with the Bay Circuit Trail. Currently 150 of 200 miles are open and accessible to the public. If you need some variety try checking out the woods at Berkshires or the dunes and beaches of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. The state has over 170 different art, history, and sporting museums also waiting for just about any interest. offers many great choices of Massachusetts’s vacation rentals properties. See every type you can currently choose from, including homes, condos, cabins, cottages and apartments suitable for any budget or size of vacation group. So do not forget when it comes time to plan your Massachusetts’s vacation trip.

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