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About Hawaii Vacations - Condos, Beach Homes and Villas

There is no place like the Island State of Hawaii. This string of verdant islands underlaid with black lava volcanoes sits in the middle of the intense blue of the Pacific Ocean, two thousand miles from the nearest coast. It is well worth the time and effort it takes to get here, no matter which island you choose to visit. While the hype says it is paradise, many will find that for them this is as close as heaven comes to earth. No other state offers hiking on volcanic tropical cliffs aside coral-reef dives in crystal clear water. Tropical fruits, rich Pacific Rim cuisine, unique music and culture that is a blend of many others yet truly none of them alone, there simply is no way to completely encompass the experience in words. From the active volcanoes to the diverse ocean life, you just can not find a more flawless location to visit. While seven million others come to the islands each year, there are still places you can go to get away from it all here. In many cases getting off the beaten path is easier then imagined. Cushy resorts are found on Oahu at Waikiki and at West Maui. The more adventurous or budget constrained should consider the Big Island itself or Kauai. If you want urban culture the Honolulu is the perfect choice, and even with the city where you can still finds places to get away from it all in less then a hour.

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