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Montreal chalet and vacation home rentals

Heading to the City of Montreal? Chances are you going to have to limit yourself in what you do there because of fact the matter is, there is no way to take in everything this city offers in a single trip. Make sure you brush up on your French though, because no matter where you go, knowing a little of the city's mother tongue will serve you well. The community has existed here since 1535 (it was a Mohawk native town then) and went through several changes over the centuries. Keep in mind that directions in Montreal are unique because of how the surrounding countryside imprints on people. The river and mountains form the compass points. Downtown is the center with the river to the “south” and Mount Royal to the “north” West Island and East end are correct by this compass, although looking at the entire thing from another vantage reveals that this is twisted from the rest of the world with “east” actually being north. While in Montreal check out Old Montreal's historical district. There is a walking map of the area. Also of interest is Le Plateau, known for its scenic residential streets, shopping and dining. Downtown has all the major modern urban vibe you might want, including skyscrapers, churches and museums. Do not overlook the underground arcades and malls that span 30 kilometers .

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