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Paws for Furry Friends when cottage renting

Published on June 17, 2017 by Sweet Marie

Paws for Furry Friends when cottage renting

Pet parents often have a difficult time securing a cottage rental that allows for pets. Many do not. In fact the new norm is shift to a “no pets allowed” policy more and more. Pets are part of a family, and for most pet parents going on vacation means the whole family can enjoy the experience. Pet owners see the damage that pets can do, and the responsibility they carry, often more so than young children, it is easier for them to refrain from allowing pets. Takes the liability away and keeps the cottage cleaner.Let’s explore both sides of this debate and why the controversy.

About one third of Canadian families and homes have a pet. That would represent about a third of the families and couples that are in the market for a cottage rental will find themselves in a bit of a challenge. Dogs are different than cats. They need to be walked and cleaned up after. They shed and some love to be held in the lap. Out of doors they require a leash in most provinces and can run off into a bush or woods very easily without a leash. Many love the water and as such require extra supervision in crowded public water ways. Cats on the other hand, are more independent, have a litter box, and usually get free reign of the dwelling. They graze mostly, are not really into water, and though they can shed, they often can also clean themselves more easily. There are other pets as well, however, the majority of paws for furry friends are the two mentioned. Both require love and attention, and both have the ability to feel the loss of their pet parents.

Taking a vacation at a cottage rental provides the opportunity to enjoy the experience as a whole family. Excluding the pets will reduce your opportunities to rent out your cottage by about 35%. So now you’ve gone from 12 families, as an example, to possibly 8.

What about the allergies that pets bring? Shedding fur, fleas and ticks, poop on the property and a litter box that is smelly and can be hard to deodorize? Cottage owners have a difficult time keeping the cottage clean and smelling nice on a regular basis. When you add pets, you add that more to do. What about the puppies that love to chew? And the kittens that love to claw? If you have concerns how do you cover those off?

Special conditions that cost more to implement lead to higher costs for the rental. You could have an additional damage deposit just for the pet. Additionally you can establish what a cleaning fee will be for a pet (based on size, breed and age), then you can establish your list of conditions that every pet parent must sign off on upon agreement. That fee does not have to be ridiculous – just something fair that will compensate you for cleaning up that much more after a pet leaves. Let’s also remember that most cottages are in the wild and already have pets and furry friends, insects and bugs….they are nature’s pets. They’ve been there a lot longer than any human has.

Families that specify ISO cottage wanted, or pet-free cottage are clueless because a real cottage – a cottage that is in the woods, far enough away from busy cities, is not going to be “Pet-free”… that would be like guaranteeing no mosquitoes, spiders, or mice… keep the cottage clean at all times, and you won’t have those issues. Maintain your conditions of having your furry friend along for the cottage rental, and you should be fine.

By SweetMarie

Image Source: misspennygreatdane via Instagram

Category: Cottage Life

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