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Pros and Cons of the High Rise Shoreline

Published on May 25, 2017 by Sweet Marie

Pros and Cons of the High Rise Shoreline

Friends of ours found themselves at that point in their lives where their teenaged kids had busy social lives and the novelty of a cottage had lost its shine so they decided to put their cottage up on the market. Years ago they had the cutest little spot in the Niagara region right on the beach, close to a lot of bright lights, noise and action, and the pressure had been on them at the time to find a quiet and peaceful spot in the Muskoka’s. So when they went looking for the perfect place, they found a private, recessed gorgeous cottage, high above the shoreline and away from any loud water traffic or noise. Yet now, years later, when the teens decided their lives were going in different directions, and it was time to sell, the high rise shoreline does not provide the appeal to many as it has to them.

How many steps from the cottage to the shoreline? Is the question many will ask, too many! Is the answer you will hear back. What a dilemma. You cannot move the cottage, and the shoreline is what it is, yet 350 steps is a bit of a hike for some who really just want to be “right on the water”.

So here’s the deal with the whole “right on the water” ask for cottage country:

Unless it is grandfathered in – meaning pre-existing you need at the very least 30 feet of distance from the high water mark of the shoreline before you can apply for a permit to build – and even then depending upon the size of the structure and the size of your lot you are only permitted a certain percentage of structure allowance.

What does this mean? Nothing gets built on the water anymore….the by-laws are created to protect our wetlands and natural habitats. When you start putting up structures with plumbing and electricity and heat creating appliances you mess with the eco-systems and compromise the shoreline water life. It also creates a crowded waterfront that often contradicts the rural community image that is trying to be strongly upheld for the greater good.

So yes the high rise may not seem appealing. However, you can have an incredible deck. You can landscape landings and build steps that work with the natural terrain. You can also enjoy the view which would be absolutely breathtaking from that vantage point. Height does have a lot of privileges.

By SweetMarie

Image Source: alideerob via Instagram

Category: Cottage Life

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