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Romance in the Woods

Published on October 23, 2012 by Sweet Marie

Romance in the Woods

Now that the colder weather is setting in for Canadian based Cottage Rentals and Chalet Rentals, romance in the woods is something that often tags along.  Romantic getaways usually involve cozy fireplace snuggling, and long hikes into spectacular colour vistas of falling leaves and mountain climbs.  What better way to explore your romantic side then hosting or renting a cottage/chalet getaway for some well needed and deserved “Romance in the Woods”.  Packages are often the best way to provide and seek the value you and your loved one are looking for in that getaway for two.  In this article we explore different ways you can say “I love you”.  And some of the little details cottage owners can provide and advertise that will add value and market your cottage rental for just such getaway.

 4 Day Packages that are priced at 3 Day Packages are ideal for a Cozy 2 Person Long Weekend or Mid Week Peak.  Vacancy goes up as folks go back to work and start to plan the holiday winter season.  And you’ll find that price breaks are an added advantage against the competition.

Add a movie/DVD Package with 3 or 4 Romance “Chick Flicks” Weekenders.  If your dwelling is not equipped with cable or satellite this could really help set the right mood for a lot of movie buffs, looking to get away and enjoy the quite outdoors with a night time mood setting strategy.  You can always include some popcorn and movie snacks too.

Lots of Love Gift Baskets are filled with chocolates, biscuits, cheese, wine, coffee, teas, liquors…the sky is the limit….figure out your costs per basket and offer an assortment of choices.  Just be sure to get paid in advance to avoid disappointment.  And always ask about food allergies when it comes to things like nuts and dairy.  You should consider a profit margin of 30-40 points for something like this, so be sure and provide a reasonable range of prices and always advertise the contents of the baskets.

Scented candles, creams and massage oils are nice extras to include in romantic getaways.  They do not have to be expensive, but can be built into the cost for the getaway package.  Think about the kind of scents that you would enjoy cinnamon, apple, spiced holly berry, vanilla, ocean breeze, mountain rain…and you can probably select the right range for your clients.  It’s also a good idea to keep these packaged up in air tight containers to retain their intensity and not mix the scents.

Local area gift certificates are always a good way to endorse the region, especially if you have local service providers that can host horse-back riding, couples’ spa, flowers, LCBO wine/beer certificates.  The ideas really are limitless and specific to what you have available around your cottage rental.

Do you have a hot tub or sauna?  Best way to advertise its usefulness is during the colder fall months and surrounding the tag lines of “romance” and “couples leisure”.  Keep it well cleaned and maintained with all the right items to make it romantic and still very much up to date with all the necessary safety necessities.

Romance is as custom and adventurous as you wish it to be for your cottage getaway or rental packages.  The key here is your target demographics for guests and eye for details.  Whatever you decide, simple is always the best way to endorse successful experiences.  More details often require more effort and planning, so know your limits and above all else be honest with your clients and your cottage owners’ expectations.  Anticipating a very expensive weekend away for under $100.00 is probably not going to be possible.  Be real and be clear.  A direct conversation is probably the best way to understand each other’s needs and expectations.


2 thoughts on “Romance in the Woods

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  • Szymon
    on November 11, 2012

    Whooo hoo! I just discovered you live in my town right aurnod the corner from me! I have an alpaca ranch and am busy raising my special needs son Jack. Taking the plunge and starting a wedding venue using my barn after having my son’s wedding there in July. Looking for a photographer ..and here you are. I could not have asked for more!Let’s chat some time if either of us can find a quiet moment Kindly,Susan HansonRainier


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