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The Congenial Reception: a warm Welcome for a cottage rentals guest

Published on June 24, 2012 by Sweet Marie

The Congenial Reception a warm Welcome for a cottage rentals guest
Don’t you just love it when you go to a hotel or a resort and realise, oh shoot! I forgot to bring soap!  And then you see that there’s already a little bar of soap wrapped up for you to enjoy.  Or how about when you are in a very long line-up at the bank in the early morning and you had no coffee that am, and low and behold, the bank is giving out free coffee.  Such a nice treat!  In this article we identify some nice little ways to make your cottage rental guests feel welcome without breaking the bank.  Often I am told it’s the little extras that make my cottage guests’ stay that much better.  You cannot control Mother Nature, and if she decides to let loose and ruin the week’s weather with torrential down pours, all the little extras you did for your guests will be remembered with pleasure.

Providing some cold beverages in the fridge, like pop, bottled water or some juice boxes really does help mom and dad a lot.  Unloading could take at least an hour from car to fridge.  Having something as soon they get there helps them quench the kids’ thirsts so they can get started.

Always try and stock 4-6 rolls of toilet paper and one roll of paper towels.  I always tell my guests to bring some, but it’s nice to have a little bit there ready and waiting.  (Remember to chose eco-friendly.)

Coffee, tea, sugar, filters and non-dairy creamer are always a pleasure for busy parents.  It never surprises how many times I get huge thank-you from my guests because they forgot to pack the tea and coffee.  It’s not the first thing they think of.  And because most people don’t know what size of filter to bring for the coffee maker, always keep ample supply.

Supply garbage and recycling bags.  That is something that should be on everyone’s list.  But you know what? It’s often forgotten.

If it’s special, make special.  If you know someone is celebrating an anniversary, holiday, family reunion, or even a honeymoon, go the extra mile.  Buy a bottle of champagne, put together a nice gift basket and show your guests you have truly thought of everything.

Basic linens are perfectly helpful and welcomed.  By this I mean, kitchen towels and wash cloths, face and hand towels and face cloths for the bathroom.  If you supply all linen, that is one way to go, but I find more and more, cottage renters prefer their own bulk linens.  Having a nice clean hand towel to wash up before you get started on dinner or after a long drive, is very helpful and thoughtful for a weary traveller.

Current magazines, local newspapers, some books, all in all are another way to show you are thinking of them.  I even have an assortment of board games in my living room for all ages to choose from, including a good set of playing cards.  You just can never count on the weather.

How about a welcome call to the cottage?  This is somewhat controversial to many owners.  They do not want to intrude on their guests.  I find that it does depend on the rental guest, but I ask if it’s okay that I call them when they arrive.  I have always been told yes, not once has someone been offended.  It shows you care.  Plus it gives your guests a chance to ask you some quick questions.

Making your cottage rentals guests feel welcome makes the whole difference in the world.  Showing them you care about them and their families will often secure a return trip back to your cozy and comforting abode.  Remember, hospitality is more than just having a clean space; it’s having a welcomed space too!

One thought on “The Congenial Reception: a warm Welcome for a cottage rentals guest

  • Yolanta
    on August 27, 2012

    Betsy and Bryan,Thank you for your warm welcome and geunnie hospitality. Throughout our stay we felt like the most welcomed guests. You have such a beautiful place, so peaceful, quiet and relaxing. We had a great time; we were more relaxed here then we’ve been for a long time. We loved waking up to the sounds of the brook and farm animals, especially the sheep-Ned, Susie, Princess, and Precious. We already miss our time there very much. Our daughter enjoyed feeding all of the animals, and her favorite was feeding Norman the little calf the bottle of milk. There is plenty of wildlife to be seen- we spotted a few deer, chipmunks, and groundhogs. One evening, Bryan made a bonfire, which was a great opportunity to sit and chat with a glass of wine with other guests. He put lots of effort into ensuring that our stay was the most enjoyable. Thank you for being very flexible to accommodate our needs. Our room was very modern, sophisticated, and clean. It was a perfect balance of modern conveniences and country living. We absolutely loved it! We hope to see you soon and meet the animals again! We will definitely recommend your Bed and Breakfast to all of our friends and family.Yolanta, Ashley and Bob Tucewicz


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