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Vacation Rentals and Volume, booking in advance and saving $$$

Published on February 15, 2013 by Sweet Marie

Vacation Rentals and Volume booking in advance and saving budget
When you look at the way in which travel agents, tourism in general and hotels make $$$ it is with proper lead time to plan and organise everything from advertising, to staffing to supplies.  Why should your vacation rentals be any different?  If you are a perspective cottage rental guest, or a property owner, you should always try to make the effort to do things in advance.  The concept of “last minute” anything only does one thing, create desperation on both ends of the cottage rentals spectrum.  You rarely find what you are looking for exactly… (You might get lucky).  Sometimes you may have to adjust your dates, and you may even find yourself missing out completely because everything is booked solid.

At one point in time there were deals to be found, and still are in some instances where the economy will create a “sell off” option for any “leftover” travel packages.  Yes you may find a deal, a bargain.  But you have to remember, that you are “filling up the plane” and “filling up the resort” so that the businesses profiting from the max amount of occupancy keep those profits as high as they can.  Is it really a bargain?  That is the question.  What are you really getting in the end?

  1. Rushed and pressure choices.
  2. Vacant options that were possibly not wanted by others.
  3. Smaller and cramped spaces.
  4. Expensive options that others could not afford and now make you change your budget.

If you take the time and give yourself lots of lead time to find the right vacation rental instead, you will often find exactly what you want.  You may even be able to review it live, provided it’s not so far away that travelling twice is a bit costly.  Some rental guests try to loop into a visit with friends or family.  Or perhaps they may know someone who is local that can “check” or “scope things out” for them in advance.  If the objective is be content and happy on your vacation, why would you want a “last minute” option?  There are quite a few cottage owners that allow a bit of a discount with advance bookings, and your deposit is often sufficient to reserve your location depending upon the “Terms and Conditions” hosted by the property owner.

Preparation is not just in the packing.  Be thoughtful and do your homework.  Give yourself the time you and your family need to find the right spot.  Last minute anything is rushed and you might miss out on a great cottage rentals that you stumbled upon with more time on your hands.


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